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Choosing the Best Portrait Setting

The Setting for your portrait will be determined by the style or mood of the painting.

A conservative portrait will require backdrops that are usually darker or quieter in colours and if in the home more traditional furnishings.

A lighter mood type portrait will be more colourful in backdrops. Colours and lighting play a big part setting the mood of a portrait. Furnishing props are important as well.

Some ideas for settings

Energetic moods: choose vibrant colours which can be stronger ex reds, hot pinks, electric blues

Conservative moods: choose darker colours ex browns or deep blues, dark reds etc

Dreamy or happy moods: These can be light pastel pinks,blues,greens,yellows.
If a dreamy pose then this might have a darker backdrop as the subject is more internalising their world and it is private.

Leadership qualities in a portrait: The expression of the subjects face will show this but strong reds will also help to set the mood. Which leads to the angle the subject is painted from

Angles Portrait is taken >>>Visit Taking the Portrait Photo

We have discussed how colours, lighting, furnishings play a part in setting the scene but the ANGLE OF THE PORTRAIT is equally important. Taking the photo from different angles - front on, sideways, from different angles lends itself to the interpretation of the portrait. Example a portrait of a leader will be photographed or pose from an angle where we are looking up to that person. An angle where we are looking down of children at play shows we are look down into their world.

Childrens Portraits for birthday,wedding,baby shower,family portraits,wedding anniversary gift ideas.The best childrens or family portrait painter is important to commission as Memorable Portraits mark the milestones in a child's development from babies and children through to teenagers and adults. Birthday parties,weddings,first day at school,graduations,their first pet-dog or cat,sports or academic achievements can be made a momentos occasion with a heirloom portrait that can be kept for posterity. Often times photos fail to capture all that needs to be said about the child as in their hobbies,interests and endearing habits. Where a photo of a family often fails to capture all the children in the best expressions a group portrait easily expresses the loving unity of a family.


Portrait Artist Cynthia Hargraves

Contact Portrait Artist for Art for Sale of Best Quality Portrait Paintings - Custom Oil, Pastel Portraits

Personal wedding portraits commissions hold great meaning and are very memorable and sentimental. Although many of my portraits commissions are held in private collections many more have recieved awards for their appeal. Selecting the right setting for the portrait in the best light and capturing the greatest expression that typifies the subject is often impossible to do in photos.

Often the portrait subject/subjects must sit for the artist to let the artist understand their nature and do many colour studies and sketches for the painting to be at its best. Then photos can then be used as a back stop for the collection of ideas and positions. All paintings are done in the highest professional quality materials and whether choosing oils,pastels or charcoal for the commission no painting will be sold unless the client is fully satisfied with the workmanship. So whether you are commissioning a picture for a wedding gift,corporate art,birthday, unique baby shower, family group,pet portrait or simply using it as a collectible or interior decorating idea to decorate your home you will have a portait to keep worthy of any gallery.

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