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Local Custom Portrait Paintings: Portrait Artist Weddings, Family, Children, Pets: oils, pastels,
watercolour Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth,
Tasmania- Portrait Artist

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Choosing between Charcoal, Pastels, Oils for your Portrait


Many prefer Portraits that don't rely so much on colour to convey the mood but the simplicity of tones. Charcoal or Pastel Pencils are wonderful for this. Here is an example of two Paintings that I have done. One in Charcoal another in Pastel Pencil.

You can see that the Sepia tones gives the portrait a warmer look. There is some hint of other colours but it is not noticeable.



Pastel Portrait Paintings are done from the highest professional quality Pastels on the finest surface. These portraits will need to be framed in glass and mounted away from direct sunlight as sunlight on the glass will cause condensation to occur and the moisture build up will harm the portrait. Whether you decide to choose Pastel Pencils or a coloured Pastel Portrait you will find that the lasting quality will far outstride Oil Paints. Pastels are pure pigment with not real additives and will never need to be retouched with the passing of years while Oil paintings will need retouching in 50yrs or so.


Oil Painting Portraits are done on professional quality canvas. The Oil Paints I use are mostly Winsor and Newton Professional Grade. Oil Paintings cost about the same price in framing as Pastels. The advantage Oil Painting Portraits have over Pastel Portraits is that they are not as limited in size and they do not need glass in the framing process. Therefore they are not as heavy.


Choose your Design of Portraits by viewing these Portrait Examples ...

Oil Portrait Paintings Art

Pastel Portrait Paintings

Sepia Portrait Paintings

Sepia Portrait Artwork

Charcoal Portrait Artwork

Charcoal Portrait Artwork

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